Thursday, March 20, 2008

Foster's Lager

Got an oilcan of this to drink while watching some Thursday afternoon March Madness action.  Instead of chugging this like I'm prone to do, I decided to do a proper tasting.

I poured the golden, almost pee-like beer into a glass, and it hissed with a few fingers worth of foam.  After it subsided, leaving nice lace fingers on the glass, I stuck my nose in and took a whiff.  A maize aroma filled my nostrils; it was sweet enough to send my pancreas scrambling to produce insulin.

My palate's first impression is "flat", followed by "sweet".  A dish of bitterness slipped in the middle of the sip, but otherwise the beer was as easy to drink as a not-so-fizzy soda.  There's a distinct mild taste: is it pilsner malt, or is it corn?

While Foster's lacks the depth of a solid lager, and its mouthfeel is very close to water, it is very easy to quaff in large quantities.  The price is the big stumbling block; add $1 to the price of an oilcan and one can buy any of a long list of quality beers.  Given that opportunity cost, it's hard to recommend Foster's over either a fine lager or a cheaper macrobrew.

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