Friday, March 14, 2008

Gordon and MacPhail Speymalt from Macallan Distillery 1972

Serendipity manifests itself in our lives in, by defintion, unexpected ways. Serendipity led me to the finest scotch I've ever had.

A rep from Gordon & MacPhail was visiting the local wine store as I entered to look at a bottle of Sam Adams Utopia 2007. I crooked my head and asked what was going on, and was welcomed to a whisky tasting by the rep and the store owner.

Gordon & MacPhail have been selling whisky in Scotland for over a hundred years, and have recently begun to expand their operations in the U.S. They purchase whisky from distilleries, cask it to their own specifications, and age it on their own schedule to their level of excellence.

The rep tipped a bottle of their Speymalt from Macallan into a glass. I swirled it and watched the legs cling to the sides and fall, releasing the pleasant scent of oranges, spices, and vanilla. A few drops of spring water were added, lightening the golden color a shade. Now I picked up a soft leather essence.

The whisky had a sharp bite on the tip of my tongue, and coated the rest of my mouth smoothly and quickly. The piquant prick mellowed into the orange scent from earlier, with lemon tones, before rolling away into a slightly charred oak flavor. My palate was left clean and ready for another sip. The dearth of fusel alcohols in favor of a variety of blossoming flavors display the maturity of a generation-old scotch.

86 proof; Speyside, single-malt; 34 years.

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Anonymous said...

Are you sure this was a 34 year and not a 35 year?