Monday, March 17, 2008

Guinness Draught

Seeing as it is St. Patrick's Day, I figured I'd pop open a few cans of Guinness Draught to celebrate.

The pint can opened with a hiss, spilling some contents down its side.  I poured to fill a pint glass to the three-quarter mark, and the tan foam appeared to flow downward into the jet black beer below.  After a few minutes the thick head subsided, and I filled the glass to the top.

I stuck my nose a little too close to the glass, and came up with a touch of foam on my nose and a faint scent of roasted malt and, more faint, coffee.  The beer felt like water in my mouth, with not much body to it.  I tasted the roasted barley, again ever so faint, and not much else.  As I downed the pint some moments were distinctly bitter, but most of the time flavor felt like it was being diluted with water and washed away.

The lack of body makes Guinness a great session beer.  I know I had two more pints after the first.  However, I'm of the school of thought that a good stout shouldn't be a candidate to be shotgunned or funneled, and I'd be perfectly happy doing either with Guinness Draught.

4.2% ABV.

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