Monday, March 24, 2008

Miller High Life

To celebrate the first forty games of this year's NCAA tournament, I decided to indulge in a forty ounce bottle of Miller High Life.  The bottle fits nicely in the hand, although the famous cowgirl sitting on the moon was absent from the label.

I opened the top and was hit with a very grainy smell.  The beer poured without much head, and what little foam there was quickly evaporated.  Tiny bubbles rose through the clear, sickly yellow liquid.

The beer has an almost cloyingly sweet taste, although not as sweet as some other macrobrews.  There was absolute no hint of hops, fruity esters, or flavors other than lightly toasted bread.  I usually don't drink beer cold, but I did with this one; I'm not sure I could have lost any taste or aromas.  The mouthfeel was the same as distilled water.

I've often gone to Miller High Life when quantity of beer was more imperative than quality, although the price is slightly higher than Schlitz Ice, Black Label, or other non-BMC macrobrews.  Although not the finest beer in the world, the "Champagne of Beers" comes through once again as a solid macrobrew.

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Tim Harding said...

Hi Dennis,

I enjoy your writing on beer. Thank you.

Last weekend [3] I had the delight of trying a Jever [1] and I highly recommend you give it a taste.

It is a German pilsner, crisp and bitter. It reminds me of Steinlager [2] (from the other end of the earth) but quite a lot better.

Both beers possess a refreshing lack of sweetness.

Best regards,