Friday, March 14, 2008

Montreal French Fries - West Bridgewater MA

I met a guy from Quebec last year who introduced me to the concept of poutine.  Pronounced "pooht-sin", the dish is made of French fries topped with cheese curds and covered with a thin dark gravy.  Several variations exist, using marinara sauce, hamburger, bacon, and countless other toppings.

I've had many variations on French fries.  Cheese fries, chili fries, chili cheese fries.  All were heavy; some made me heavy.  The idea of fresh fries with light curds and thin gravy seemed palatable a lot easier to eat in quantity.

The recently opened Montreal French Fries cuts their fries onsite, prepares their gravy in the Quebec tradition, and sources fresh curds a hundred pounds at a time.  Soon after their grand opening I visited and order a poutine.  It was brought to my table by the owner a few minutes later, fries, gravy and curds together in an aluminum bowl.  Fresh-from-the-fryer fries below and hot gravy above, the curds had no choice but to melt ever so slightly.  Biting through the curds, only slightly firmer than brie and milder than mozzarella, elicited a squeak, the hallmark of freshness.  Despite being vegetarian, the gravy had enough umami to warrant topping a hamburger (they do offer a poutine deluxe, with ground beef and fried onions) and the fries sopped up all the flavor while remaining crisp.

The restaurants other offerings are good, but expensive.  The poutine is reasonably priced.  For $5.95 you can either save half of the poutine to be enjoyed cold later, or eat the entire serving and enjoy a postprandial nap, Montreal-style.

757 W. Center St., West Bridgewater MA

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