Saturday, March 15, 2008

Oskar Blues Old Chub Scottish Style Ale

Oskar Blues sticks by distributing its tasty beers in cans.  Besides the hilarity of a fine microbrew in a not-so-fine macrobrew's home, the can keeps light and oxygen out better than a bottle at a fraction of the weight.

I opened a can after dark fell on a melting layer of fresh snow outside, the hiss of the released gas trumpeting the arrival of a malty, caramel aroma.  A clear, solid brown when poured in a glass, the beer released a small tan head that quickly dissipated.   A quick snort before sipping evoked chocolate-covered raisins.

The beer was full of smooth, malty flavor, and its mouthfeel grew more robust as the slight amount of carbonation fizzed.  It wasn't as dark as other Scottish ales I've had, and certainly didn't taste like the high-alcohol beer that it is.  The finish was appropriately dry, with a mild bitter hop taste lingering in the back of my mouth.

8% ABV; caramel, chocolate, and smoked malts.

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