Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sam Adams Cream Stout

Shifting my pour from a 45 degree angle to a vertical stream, this stout produced a rich, thick, tan head, and the bubbles appeared to shift down through the foam to where they came.  I waited a few minutes for the head to subside, trying to peer through the very opaque seal brown beer below.  The aroma from swirling shifted from chocolate to frothy coffee and back again, with a little hint of cream.

This cream stout's roasted grain character comes through strongly, with the slightest amount of hop bitterness along for the ride.  A slight hint of cherries hides behind the roasted grain, which also tempers a mild sweetness within its medium body and carbonation.

Overall, this stout's dark appearance hides a pearl of creamy, fruity sweetness.

4.9% ABV; East Kent Goldings and English Fuggles hops; two-row pale, roasted, chocolate and caramel 60 malt; malted wheat; unmalted barley.

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