Thursday, March 13, 2008

Sam Adams Double Bock

I opened this on a sunny, chilly afternoon.  Its low carbonation made for a head-free pour, and the beer was a nice burgundy color, flashing ruby red depending on how the light hit the glass.  Its sweet malt aroma showed no signs of burnt malt and was reminiscent of prunes or of fountain Dr. Pepper.
Sam Adams brags that half a pound of malt goes into each bottle, and one taste shows the claim is true.  The first sip was mildly sweet, with a warm alcohol taste rolling over the tongue, finishing with a small amount of German noble hops.  A nice medium mouthfeel and a feeling of caramel around the cheeks complete this dopplebock experience.

8.8% ABV; Tettnang Tettnanger and Tettnanger-Hallertauer hops; two-row pale and caramel 60 malt.

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